Just a short one for now — Samiljeol 삼일절

We’re about 10 minutes away from hitting the 1st of March, so I just wanted to say a few words.
For the record, until last Saturday I hadn’t the faintest clue about the significance of this day to Koreans, so reading through our KPA homework options list (where writing about Samiljeol was one option), out of curiosity I decided to look it up.
I’m not much good at writing informative posts, so I’ll just share with you what my friend Daeun replied when I asked her what meaning  and significancethat this day holds for Koreans. Here’s what she wrote, miiinus the english grammar hiccups—she’s still studying english 😉

You know Korea was a colony of Japan
about 70 years ago.
On 1st of March in 1919 we did non-violent
And that has a lot of meaning to Koreans
because that day a lot of Koreans were
killed by japanese police and soldiers.

Having had several discussions with her about Korean history and culture, I got a sense of a certain pride and genuine love that a lot of Koreans really do have for their country and how much they treasure their culture and heritage.
I guess it’s one of the things that continually attracts me to Korea.

To be honest, Daeun is the biggest Korean history buff—no joke she’s spoken at me for hours on the subject. If we had skyped today, I would have ended up sleeping laaaaaate…again.
On a side note, since she wants to improve her English more, she’s looking for language exchange friends/tandem partners—so english speakers who’re looking to learn Korean. Anyone interested, feel free to contact me 🙂

Anyway, I thought it’d be valuable to hear some words directly from someone who is Korean, although I’d still recommend you to read up more about the specifics if you haven’t already. Actually an excellent place to read up on Samiljeol is at this blog, where incidentally I read up everything I currently know about it:


That’s all for now~~~ Night folks!


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